Natalie Dray, ‘Kierkegaardashian’.


Wounds, real or imagined, dangle, delicately weeping, from the silvern thorns interwoven through Natalie Drays exhibition ‘Kierkegaardashian’. Trompe l’oeil plasters suggest that both the injury and the healing may be less than skin deep, hovering above the physical in the brittle, info-injured, media molested psyche. ‘don’t be a dick’ is daintily printed on one plaster,…

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‘Antonio Trotta’. Catalogue essay.

The radiating lexical constellations of Antonio Trotta are causally aligned to the sentiment described by Albert Einstein; that our age is marked by a perfection of means and a confusion of aims.

The following piece was commissioned by Like a Little Disaster in August 2016 for an exhibition catalogue on the Italian-Argentinian artist Antonio Trotta.

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